Top 4 modern two colour combinations for living room

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Top 4 modern two colour combinations for living room

Your home’s colour palette says a lot about you as an individual. If you happen to be someone inclined towards opting for a two-tone colour scheme, it speaks of your taste, be it something you have a natural affinity for or an acquired taste. A two-tone colour scheme for living rooms is quite sought after for the contemporary look it offers. Choosing just two colours to paint your living room can seem like a huge and daunting task, and we get that. So, here are the top 4 contemporary two colour combinations for the living room paint colour palette.

Best two colour combinations for living room

Black and white

A classic combination that never grows old, it is much favoured for the contrast it offers and the way it is bound to grab the attention of those in the vicinity. This combination lends a chic and clean appearance, and to take things to the next level, the furniture can also be matched with the same palette to provide the space with an air of elegance.

Green and Cream

If you wish your space to have a calming and soothing feel, all the while being pleasing to the eye and elegant in its entirety, this is the combination to opt for. The contrast is quite pleasant, and the green used can impact the feel of the space. A forest green colour can remind one of nature and growth, while a darker green can lend an air of opulence. Cream, on the other hand, makes the space appear all the more sophisticated.

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White and Gold

For those who wish their living room to have a bright and opulent feel, this is the best option. White reminds one of light, energy, purity, and all things joyful, while gold is reminiscent of grandiose and all things luxuriant.

Orange and Grey

Seeking a pop of colour while keeping up with chic? This is the best option to go with—the perfect contrast to keep your living room looking interesting!

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