Modular Kitchen Designs in Ahmedabad

Montdor Interior Design team works with your vision, lifestyle, and budget to give you the perfect kitchen interior design. We offer different styles that conceptualize the functionality and draws attention to its aesthetics as well. Our services will get you a modern kitchen as delightful as the meals you prepare in it.

Our Process to your Dream Kitchen

Interior Designer in Ahmedabad
Meet our design experts at any of our Kitchen Galleries
Interior Designer in Ahmedabad
Review and get your Personalized Design
Interior Designer in Ahmedabad
Relax while your kitchen is manufactured
Interior Designer in Ahmedabad
We deliver and install your dream kitchen

Know About the Materials We Use for L shape Kitchen Design

Explore different types of premium quality materials that define durability and last long.

Interior Designer in Ahmedabad
Engineered Wood – MDF, HDF-HMR, PB

Light-weight, affordable, huge variety, and screw-holding capacity are the key features of Engineered wood

Interior Designer in Ahmedabad
Plywood – MR, BWR, BWP

High-strength, Termite resistant, and low-emission are the key features of Plywood

Interior Designer in Ahmedabad
Particle Board

Exhibits good moisture resistance, comparatively economical, and less environmental-friendly are the key features of Particle Board.


To give your kitchen design finesse look

Modular kitchen in Ahmedabad

Prone to scratching and durable, Acrylics are Non-toxic and offer a high-gloss finish.

Modular kitchen in Ahmedabad

Hard-wearing and highly resistant, PU is considered a scratch-resistant and durable option.

Modular kitchen in Ahmedabad

Impervious to water, borers and termites, PVC offers a fine finish and proves to be economical.

Modular kitchen in Ahmedabad

Durable and resistant to wear and tear and immune to stains, spills & scuffs.


For Your Convenience & Comfort

Modular Kitchen Ahmedabad
Edge Profile

It offers a seamless look and gives the illusion of being handle-less.

Modular Kitchen Ahmedabad

They offer a seamless look and are attached to the carcass cabinets instead of doors.

Modular kitchen in Ahmedabad

Sturdy knobs are available in different shapes that are easy to handle.

Modular kitchen in Ahmedabad
Regular Handles

These come in classy designs and offer less maintenance and convenience.

Countertops and Backsplashes For Modular Kitchen

Know About the Different Varieties of these Essentials in Kitchen Design

Modular Kitchen Ahmedabad

Offers low-maintenance and long-lastingness which ensures its high usage.

Skara Pearl 4BHK Premium Plus Turnkey Project

Highly-useful natural materials. Has the hardness of seven on the Mohs Scale which makes it very

Mahalaxmi Royals 3BHK Interior Design

Man-made material. Frequently used for seamless countertop installations.

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Interior Designer FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about interior design company

What's a modular kitchen?

An assortment of cabinets or modules, each designed with a distinct purpose and functionality in mind, constitutes a modular kitchen. In consideration of the available kitchen space and the locations of various storage zones, these cabinets are assembled. An effectively designed modular kitchen enhances efficiency through two primary mechanisms: optimal utilization of space and reduction of movement during the culinary process.

What are the available dimensions of modular kitchens from Montdor Interior?

At Montdor Interior, we have installed kitchens ranging in various sizes, starting from compact spaces to very large rooms for opulent kitchens. Regardless of the dimensions of your kitchen, Montdor Interior has a customized design to accommodate you.

Which components comprise Montdor interior kitchens?

Hand-selected materials of the utmost quality are utilized in the construction of Montdor Interior kitchens. MDF and boiling water-resistant plywood are two examples. To design our kitchens, we procure premium ceramics, laminates, and lacquers from around the globe.

For all your storage needs, Montdor Interior’s accessories combine elegance and functionality to provide an extensive selection of containers, trolleys, corner cabinet accessories, wall units, and freestanding units. Montdor Interior’s partnerships with world-renowned manufacturers enable the company to provide the highest quality kitchen hardware.

How much does a Montdor Interior modular kitchen cost?

The cost of a modular kitchen is contingent upon various factors, including its dimensions, design, materials, fittings, accessories, and configuration. Please contact the Montdor Interior location in your area for further details and a personalized estimate.

What are the various varieties of kitchens?

There are numerous kitchen configurations to choose from, depending on the space and requirements. These include classic, minimalistic, parallel, rustic elegance, L-shaped, efficiency-refined, transitional and customized comfort. Montdor Interior provides a variety of design options for each of these categories to accommodate your kitchen’s dimensions, aesthetic preferences, and requirements.

Just why ought I to opt for a Montdor Interior kitchen?

Montdor Interior has designed and installed modular kitchen in Ahmedabad for years and our satisfied households are a proof of our expertise. For your complete confidence, Montdor Interior offers a streamlined experience after design and installation.

interior designer in Ahmedabad

Modular kitchen designer in Ahmedabad

Bring home new, minimalist, and cutting-edge kitchen designs by the best modular kitchen designer in Ahmedabad. Elegance, comfort, and ease of use are the hallmarks of our kitchen designs by Montdor Interior. Superior craftsmanship, long-lasting materials, cutting-edge technology, and innovative layouts are some of the hallmarks of our modular kitchen design in Ahmedabad. To guarantee quality and outstanding performance, our kitchens are built using world-class production techniques and tested according to strict standards.

Smart Spaces For Your Comfort

We surpass other kitchen designs by building lifestyle kitchens with smart storage features that are designed to be user-friendly. Our modular kitchens are designed to be highly customizable, allowing clients to choose the exact dimensions of their worktops, as well as the layout, features, amount of storage space, and more.

How Does Montdor Interior Make It All Possible?

There are a lot of people in Ahmedabad who have become fond of modular kitchens since they think they’re superior to the old-fashioned slab and rack kitchen. We start by getting prefabricated parts delivered to your house and set up at a predetermined time. With support from Montdor Interior, the best modular kitchen in Ahmedabad may be delivered to your house and fully equipped with everything you need in no time at all. Montdor Interiors in-house design teams spend days working on new ideas.

Modular kitchens’ main selling point is how simple they are to set up and clean. It has been noted on multiple occasions that these kitchens are more affordable than the traditional designs that require the construction of shelves right away. At Montdor Interior, we design kitchens with each client’s unique needs in mind by providing a wide range of services to help clients get the kitchen of their dreams. You can choose from industry-standard designs or create your own bespoke designs to choose the placement of your kitchenware.

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Modular kitchens are now an absolute must-have for every house. If you are looking for the best prices and, of course, service, get in touch with us soon for a modular kitchen in Ahmedabad that will give you a comfortable lifestyle for years to come.

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