Home Interior Design Packages

At Montdor Interior, we offer home interior design packages at affordable prices. These packages cover everything from architecture and interior design to construction and interior decoration to professional standards. In order to make your dream home a reality, we go through every idea and preference of the client during consultations. After analyzing the budget, we develop a workable and high-quality house plan. The final plan also includes the interior design and takes into account the customer’s specifications. We only start construction after 100% customer approval. Choosing our home interior design packages saves you time and money.




Site visit
Client Meet
Interior Layout
Two time editing free
Interior Views (3D)
One time editing free
4K Quality Images
Electrical drawing
Electrical looping drawing
CCTV Drawing
Ceiling light layout
False Ceiling layout
Furniture layout
Furniture Elevation Drawings
Furniture Section Drawings
Furnishing Estimate
Designer visit Material selection
One time consultation free

Our Global Vendors

With our global network of vendors, we are able to bring you the latest and greatest in design trends.