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Montdor Interiors is number one in the bespoke Interior Designer in Thane. We provide a complete package of services that are in tune with your lifestyle that bespeaks your personality and style. Our team of dedicated and well-versed designers will work hand-in-hand with you to understand your vision, budget, and functional requirements. Our range of services includes an emphasis on unparalleled quality, outstanding project planning and implementation, and a steadfast pledge to satisfied customers.

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Montdor Interior’s strength lies in creating bespoke and functional spaces that can meet each client’s requirements. It starts by establishing a good knowledge of your needs and ideas about the space.

We focus on open and detailed conversations that might take place either at our studio or online. Assuring you that we will state your every desire and vision to the letter.

In collaboration with you, we tailor our design proposals to your individual preferences, only presenting the ones you like the most and following your overall vision at each stage. Your convenience still is our number one priority.

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Client Consultation

We are believers in the power of personal relationships. The personal conversations with our clients enable us to go deep into their needs, likes, and expectations so that all decisions made about the design find common ground with their vision.

Space Planning

The implementation of ideas starts with detailed planning. All spaces are evaluated thereby aligning the customer’s needs with practical design concepts to optimize floorplan, traffic flow, and functionality, which, in turn, ensures a smooth transformation from the concept to the actual build.

Interior Design Development

Every detail matters. We carefully scrutinize every element of the initial concept and combine them to come up with a final design for the interior that harmonizes aesthetics and function, thus creating spaces that are stimulating and pleasant.

Comprehensive Furniture Drawing

Precision meets personalization. We will provide customized furniture drawings to match each client’s need with the emphasis that the item fits perfectly into the overall design concept and also reflects the client’s style and taste.

Detailed Interior Cost Estimate

Openness is the main rule of the game for us. We offer a detailed pre-estimate that explains all spatial costs, as well, as informing our customers about all the monetary investment needed for their projects. This granularity involves material and labor, on which our clients base their confident decisions.

Benefits of Interior Design

  • Boosted Functionality & Space
  • Enhanced Well-being
  • Increased Value
  • Personalized Style
  • Time-Saving Expertise

As the Best interior designer in Thane, we focus on cherishing your pleasure above all and we know you inside out. We don’t just create stylish designs but also designs as per your feelings and dreams it is our main goal. At us, interior design is a passion that becomes obvious through every item when we develop your project.

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What sets us apart as the top choice for an Interior Designer?

From developing stunning designs to sourcing amazing materials, Montdor Interior can handle every single part of your project with the amount of attention to detail. Our team combines expertise and years of experience to design an interior that will not only be functional but also visually appealing. Under the leadership of our professional interior designers, our team is ready to make any space into a wonderful and functional place. Go for Montdor, a high-end Interior Design Company in Thane, if you prefer hassle-free and innovative design.

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