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Top 5 Home Interior Design Trends for 2021

Have you been thinking about renovating and redecorating your home? It’s a new year, and it is your chance to ramp up your home’s interiors! With each New Year comes a variety of trends that suit the time and season perfectly- some of these stays, and some just don’t stick- you have got to pick the best among them! To make things easier for you.

List of Top 5 Home Interior Design Trends for 2024

#1. Follow the Pantone Color of the Year

If you want to be at the top of your trend game, colour-coordinate your house using the Pantone Color of the Year (2024). In 2024, Pantone announced two ‘ colours of the year’- Illuminating and Ultimate Gray. The former is a bright and vibrant yellow shade full of cheerfulness and vivacity, and the latter is an excellent and solid grey tone, and the two go perfectly well with each other. You can incorporate this colour palette in your house designing accessories. If you have a grey wall, bring home stunning bright yellow figurines or canvas prints that you can place against it. If you are thinking of long-term changes, you can also buy a soothing grey-toned sofa and throw in some lemon yellow cushions!

#2. Smart and Decorative Lighting

With advancing technology, life is gradually becoming even more effortless for us. You can make use of technology even in the home designing sector. Opt for things that serve dual purposes- if you need lights for your room, do some research and select aesthetic ones which, when not in use, can pass off as statement ornaments for an elegant home. Nowadays, you can get trendy and chic-looking innovative lighting options with various lighting categories according to preferred ambience and mood that can also be scheduled. Due to the work-from-home life that most of us are going through right now, people will try to make their houses as functional as possible while beautifying them!

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#3. Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes in home interior designing are a rage presently! You can get anything and everything with the shape starting from prints, paintings, and other wall hangings to full-fledged geometric furniture and tiny sculptures, bed covers, and wall prints. If you are not fond of large, defining geometric figurines, you can also opt for abstract paintings and canvas prints of the same genre!

#4. Choosing a Dark Color Palette

If you have a spacious house, you can choose an unconventional colour palette for your home this year- you can skip the light, summery colours for darker hues bordering on gothic style. This trend is going to stay here for a while, so delve into your choices!

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#5. Go Green

With everything else in the present world going topsy-turvy, do your bit by contributing to nature’s betterment. You can also make use of indoor plants to enhance the beauty of your rooms. They will add a splash of colour, freshness, and positivity to your home!

Now that you have options to choose from do not opt for something just because it is in trend. Remember, it is your house, so you can experiment with interior designing in any which way, as long as you are comfortable with it! If you are looking for Home Interior Design Trends then your search ends here!

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