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Small Bathroom Designs

If you are looking for a functional yet aesthetic home, you will have to make smart decisions while choosing designs – and it is true for both residential and commercial spaces. When it comes to spaces, we often use on a daily basis, like bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, etc., finding a space-saving design becomes very important. 

Are you looking for some space-saving ideas for your small bathroom? Take a look at these ideas.

Use of right material and illusion

When it comes to small bathrooms, the choice of material can make a big difference. If you have a glass or steel partition in the bathroom, you can remove it and replace it with shower curtains. 

You can also install mirrors on the wall to make space look bigger. Often it is not the lack of space but the aesthetics that make space look bigger or smaller.  Make sure you choose frameless mirrors for this idea. 

Use the right colour palette

Choosing the right colour gives you the power to make your bathroom look as spacious or as confined as you want. If your bathroom is already small and has a tight space, consider using light colour palettes. Light colours are good for reflecting lights and making the rooms look spacious. You can choose pastel-coloured tiles and wall paints for adding a fun vibe to your bathroom. 

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Use proper lighting

When you have a small bathroom, never avoid any chance of brightening up space. Having ceiling lights is good, but you can also add bright mirror lights to lighten up the design and make it look larger and spacious. 

It is even better if you have any windows that can throw natural light inside the bathroom. If not, maybe you can consider adding a suitably sized window during the next home renovation. 

Use textures and patterns

Just like colour palettes, textures and patterns play a big role in visually impacting a space. It is said that large prints make your space look small and tight, while at the same time, using detailed or fine textures or patterns will create a sense of illusion of bigger space. 

Choose tiles with fewer joints as it will prevent from holding dirt and also have a seamless view. 

Fix the toilet and washbasin at the right place

Styles and choices of places where you fix your toilets and washbasins will help in creating a spacious vibe for your bathroom. For a washbasin, choose a place in the corner, or install a floating washbasin. Also, don’t forget to choose a washbasin having curved corners. 

Small bathrooms should always focus on a wall-mounted water closet. 


Bedrooms and living rooms are not the only space where we need storage. Bathrooms, too, require various storage facilities for different kinds of cosmetics, toiletries, makeup, and whatnot!

You can add floating cabinets or hooks behind the doors for holding on storage items inside your bathroom.

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