4 Exotic Moroccan Tiles Design Ideas for Your Home

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4 Exotic Moroccan Tiles Design Ideas for Your Home

Moroccan tiles, with their mesmerizing designs, are a surefire way to inject your house with vivacity and personality. It’s little wonder their popularity has skyrocketed; not only have blues and whites been added to the tile palette, but they have also begun to make an appearance in Indian homes. I mean, why not? Incorporating it into your home decor is a breeze!

Moroccan tiles have the ability to turn any room into a showpiece due to their vibrant colors and striking design. Some areas that could benefit from these elegant tiles are these. 

Moroccan Tiles Design Ideas

1. Use colorful Moroccan tiles for your kitchen backsplash.

There are plenty of other places in the kitchen besides the cabinets where you may show off your sense of style. Moroccan Wall tiles will brighten up any kitchen. You can’t go wrong by combining them with brightly colored cabinets as they exude elegance in kitchens with neutral or muted tones.

2. Put Them Down in Your Kitchen

Even the kitchen floor, with its Moroccan tiles, can be a stylish focal point. These spotless blue and white tiles are perfect for you if glitz is more your style. Flooring your kitchen with Moroccan tiles not only provides a whimsical touch but also doesn’t overwhelm the room.

3. Install in the Living Room to Elevate the Space

Adding some Moroccan floor tiles to an otherwise understated living room is sure to be a show-stopper. Beautiful, Instagrammable interiors can be yours with this captivating design. Impress your visitors with these jaw-dropping finds!

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4. Convert an Indifferent Paragraph into an Argument

Are there any tight hallways that connect the living room to the rest of the house? Use a Moroccan tile design to transform them into a lovely retreat. Using the dark hardwood flooring from the living room to transition into the huge tiles spread out in the corridor or the balcony would instantly relocate you to another aspect of a space in your home.


Considering all the innovative uses for Moroccan tiles, why not add some to your own home? Montdor Interior, specializing in Modular Kitchen in Ahmedabad, would gladly help you transcend your home with beautiful Moroccan Tiles. To receive safe and high-quality interiors, schedule a meeting with our professional designers.