How To Achieve A Perfect Scandinavian-Style Bedroom?

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Scandinavian-Style Bedroom

The Scandinavian bedroom style is still very much in vogue due to its laid-back atmosphere, minimalistic furnishings, and sophisticated aesthetic. Here are a few pointers from the interior designers at Montdor Interior to help you create a tranquil haven in your own bedroom with a Scandinavian vibe…

1. Opt for Subdued Shades

The key to a Scandi bedroom is muted colors, which serve to create a quiet and tranquil atmosphere. Classic neutrals like beige, gray, and white are great choices for bedroom paint, but they’re far from being the only ones. Instead of going with a stark white bedroom, choose a more subdued pastel, terracotta, or soothing shade of blue or green.

2. No Clutter

When your environment is chaotic, it becomes difficult to clear your head and go to sleep. Be careful not to overdo it when furnishing your Scandinavian bedroom; you want lots of storage space for all your clothing and other stuff.

While built-in wardrobes are a great way to make the most of limited square footage, there are many more alternatives to consider if you are on a tighter budget. To get that Scandi-style minimalist look, you can use storage solutions like divan beds with drawers, bench seats that lift up to expose secret storage underneath, or even just a few chic baskets placed in a corner.

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3. Create Cosiness With Texture

A few decorations, such as a plush rug underfoot, a blanket or sheepskin draped over a chair, and a few pillows scattered here and there, may greatly enhance the depth and coziness of a minimalist bedroom by providing texture.

4. Use items made from natural sources

Natural materials are popular in Scandinavia, and for good reason: they have a number of health benefits, including improved aesthetics and psychological and physiological well-being. Indeed, studies have shown that individuals experience improved sleep quality when they use beds crafted from all-natural materials.

Keep an eye out for wood, rattan, stone, clay, leather, and wool pieces when shopping for a Scandinavian bedroom set, and choose for cotton or linen sheets instead of synthetic ones.

5. Include one or two plants

As a frequent element in Scandinavian homes, plants can greatly influence the ambiance of a bedroom. Plants not only improve the aesthetics of a room by adding texture and color, but they also improve the air quality, release oxygen, and bring us closer to nature. Sanseviera, often called snake plant or devil’s tongue, is great for bedrooms since it absorbs carbon dioxide as you sleep, and there are many other species that are easy to care for, so even people with green thumbs can keep plants alive.

6. Select Multipurpose Window Treatments

Another essential component of Scandinavian interior design is ample natural light, but it is important to have a way to shut it out when necessary, especially in the bedroom. You might want to think about combining sheer voile or linen drapes with pull-down blackout blinds instead of heavy curtains. With this setup, you can enjoy a good night’s sleep without any light pollution and a morning bathed in natural light. Another great choice are wooden shutters that have movable slats.

7. Change the Mood by Changing the Lighting

To set the mood at different times of day, you should use artificial light, thus it’s a good idea to have multiple light sources in your bedroom. Lamps cast warm, inviting rays that are perfect for settling up for the night, while a bold pendant hanging over the bed can serve as both a decorative accent and a source of overhead light. Warm yellow light bulbs are best for use at night since blue light interferes with our circadian rhythms and makes it harder to fall asleep. Also, candles—especially scented ones that help you relax—are essential; just make sure to extinguish them before you go to sleep!

8. Enhance the Eye-Catching Artwork

It is unusual to find a Scandinavian bedroom devoid of artwork, despite the emphasis on minimalism. Instead of piling on a bunch of prints, pick out a couple big bold paintings or photographs to make a statement and liven up the wall. However, before you decorate your bedroom with vivid pop art or violent pictures, check sure they are suitable for a sanctuary meant for rest and relaxation.

With your newfound knowledge of Scandinavian bedroom ideas by Montdor Interior, why not start with upgrading your bedroom?