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There are a lot of little things that go into interior design that make a big difference, including picking out paint colors and arranging furniture. Pelmets are one such detail. Now, let’s delve deeper into these.

What is a pelmet?

Above the window, a pelmet—sometimes called a cornice board—covers the curtain rod and other fittings with a simple or ornate wooden frame. Pelmets insulate a home from heat and cold, in addition to adding style to the interior. The use of pelmets in Indian palaces dates back centuries to the time of the Maharajas, who adorned their palaces with intricate designs crafted from opulent fabrics.

The wealthy mainly utilized curtain pelmet designs to not only conceal their architectural shortcomings but add a touch of regality and luxurious grandeur. These days, you can find them in a wide variety of styles that will complement any contemporary home decor.

Curtain Pelmet Designs of the Modern Era

Modern pelmet designs are typically more understated in style than their traditional counterparts, which are typically grand in scale and crafted from opulent fabrics with elaborate embellishments like as fringes and tassels.

Traditional Patterns for Wooden Pelmets

Traditional wooden pelmet designs highlight the earthy, unpolished charm of real wood. Choose types with wooden elements for your windows or doors for an air of classic beauty and agelessness. If you’re looking for an authentic touch, go for rich, natural wood tones like cherry, walnut, or oak. If you’re on a budget, try exploring more economical wooden finishes that may mimic the natural wood tones and offer you a respite in expenditure but fulfill your aesthetic aspirations. You might go for a minimalist wooden pelmet for a contemporary look, or you can go for a more traditional look with elaborate carvings.

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Designing a Simple Pelmet for a Bay Window

Just having bay windows is a win for architecture. Pelmet designs provide aesthetic and functional benefits to bay windows. To start, they provide a seamless appearance by covering the curtain rails. Also, pelmets are great at insulating, so they keep heat in during the winter and keep the heat out during the summer serving a very important aspect to their design as bay windows are meant to be a warm and inviting place to rest.

Decorative Patterns for Fabric Pelmets

Upholstered in plush, supple fabric, hardwood frames make up fabric pelmets. By coordinating with the curtains and making use of the same materials, these designs elevate the window’s visual attractiveness and give the room an opulent, royally appropriate appearance. Windows and doors draped with cloth pelmets lend an air of regal splendor to expansive residences that embrace inner grandeur. Styles abound, catering to every taste and preference, whether it be velvet, silk, or something else entirely with elaborate designs.

Stylish Modern Door Curtain Pelmet Designs

Pelmet patterns come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, so you may let your creativity shine.


Has a particular design sparked your interest? Even though they sometimes go unnoticed, pelmet designs have a huge influence in the world of interior design. They may be little, yet they have the power to completely change a house. Pelmets serve multiple purposes, including concealing unsightly metal railings and offering much-needed insulation in hot summers.

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