Modern Jali Door Designs for Your Home

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Modern Jali Door Designs for Your Home

There has been a long-standing practice among Hindus known as “pooja”—a kind of devotion to the lord. Houses began to incorporate what are now known as pooja rooms or pooja units in the 19th and 20th centuries. In order to ensure the creator’s safety, these units or rooms frequently had doors—and these doors weren’t your average ones. Let’s get to know more about Jali Door Designs.

Door Design for Indian Jali

Aimed at people who value minimalism and are willing to make a little room savings! This Indian jali door design is a guarantee of your satisfaction. The pooja room features a jali door and is ideally situated on the corner, adjacent to a bay window. India also worships the sun, Surya, and this jali art is as basic as it gets. Despite its diminutive size, this wooden jali door design boasts a double opening. The Lord Ganesha statue can be placed on the wooden countertop of this puja unit. Put incense sticks and other pooja necessities in the section below.

The Jali Door with a Crisscross Pattern

Situated between the kitchen and the hall in this contemporary minimalistic home is a superbly designed jali door. The intricate crisscross pattern of this jali door, carved from wood, allows light to filter in. Here we have a medium-sized jali door with a push-to-open mechanism, as you can see. Along with its storage space, this pooja unit features a white jali door design and features cabinets at the bottom.

A Minimalist Jali Door Style

Because it is so different from other TV units, we were immediately drawn to it. The dark wood is polished to a lustre for its appearance. This TV stand has one unusual feature in addition to its white laminate drawers, which are great for stowing away books, stationery, and newspapers. To the right of the picture, you can see a white wooden cabinet with a jali-patterned door. It’s absolutely unique, isn’t it? This small cabinet with a straightforward jali door style will captivate your guests and company.

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A Fragrant Ending, Cutting-Edge Jali Door Style

The first star I’ll see this evening is a brilliant star, and I hope I get to see more of them. This stunning modern jali door design will allow you to wish upon a star all day and night. There are many who prefer understated styles, those who lean toward the conventional or geometric, and those who crave something truly unique. Unlike any other puja unit, this one is unique. The tall pooja unit features a contemporary jali door style. This artwork, crafted from a small piece of white-painted wood, encapsulates the night sky. You can fit your idol in this pooja unit, and it also has drawers for storing other things you might need for your ritual.

Beautiful Jali Door in a Traditional Style

Are you a fan of meticulous craftsmanship? Can you appreciate elaborate needlework? Are you a history buff at heart? This wooden jali door design is likely to win you over if you answer yes. The timeless elegance of this jali door design in wood is unmatched. Designed to blend in with the kitchen counter, this pooja unit is delicately crafted. A light-wood double door and an enlarged kitchen with a countertop fit for an idol are part of the set.


These doors now serve as beautiful accents to various rooms in the house. Jali door designs, whether contemporary or traditional, made of wood or other materials, are currently all the rage. These modern jali door designs are a product of our studio here at Montdor Interior. Get your hands on this now!