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A room without adequate furnishings is just a room surrounded by four walls. Furnishings make sense – they are the essence of the room. How well and with what you decorate your space says a lot about your taste and personality. That’s why most people invest a huge amount of time and effort to make their rooms and home look presentable and modern. If you have a new home that you would like to furnish or give your current home an elegant makeover, turn to Montdor Interior now. We provide top-class interior furnishing services in Ahmedabad at affordable prices.

At Montdor Interior, we start the furnishing process with a one-to-one consultation with the client to know about their likes and dislikes, opinions, taste and preferences, requirements, and budget. After space planning and checking the availability of necessary raw materials, we create an interior furnishing plan that is unique and caters to the client’s needs. This plan takes into consideration all the essential details discussed at the consultation.

  • Over 300 turnkey projects successfully completed
  • We maintain the highest standard of quality.
  • We have experience of over a decade.
Interior Furnishing


Client Discussion

We arrange for detailed discussions with the client regarding their requirements, preferences, and budget before creating the interior furnishing plan.

Space Planning

After considering the client’s requirements, we check the available space to make a practical plan.

Site Verification

Before creating the final plan, the factory team verifies the site to be furnished and starts the manufacturing process.

Quality Checking

To ensure high quality and adherence to the client’s specifications, quality checks are conducted at every stage of the production process.

Ensuring Set Up

According to the discussed plans, our team of experts set up the interior furnishing for 100% customer satisfaction.

Benefits to Our Clients

  • Time saving
  • Cost saving
  • Quality assured materials
  • Professional help
  • Easy Maintenance

Our factory team starts manufacturing the furniture- every bit of which is done at our interior design firm in Ahmedabad – from designing to building them. We are the best furniture supplier in Ahmedabad.

A little preview of Montdor Interiors

Take a tour of the homes we’ve designed for our customers

We are a reputed firm that is loyal to its customers and believes in providing only the best. We source the highest quality of raw materials and design and build the furniture ourselves to ensure this.

At every stage of the production process, we conduct thorough quality checks and rule out any material or product that does not match our standard. Once the production process is over, we send a group of experts who set up the whole model on the designated site. If you hire interior designer in Ahmedabad, you can trust us with your house- we can make it praiseworthy.

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