Bedside Table Decor Ideas For Your Home

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Bedside Table Decor Ideas For Your Home

Decorate your side tables with care to create a tranquil haven where you’ll relish returning home. Whether you like a more eclectic style or prefer a bedroom with minimal symmetry, Montdor Interior is here to assist you in creating your dream bedroom. Here are our Bedside Table Decor Ideas For Your Home.

Bedside Table with Bookshelf

Vertical storage is a great way to save floor space while also adding style and use to your area. A great way to make the most of limited floor space in a smaller area is to install a bedside table that doubles as a table and storage. You can also include storage solutions like baskets and boxes to keep your books, pictures, and other mementos tidy.

Wake up

Even though alarm clocks are a bedroom must, that doesn’t mean they have to be ugly. Pick a beautiful clock that reflects your personality. Choose a clock that gives you a more relaxed vibe.

Bring The tabletop mirror

Get a flat mirror and set it on a level surface next to your bed. Arrange other decorative items, such as candles and vases, around it. If you want an easy way to get ready for the day, install a wall mirror over your bedside table.

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Wake Up in Style

Face the day in style by incorporating a wall mirror and selecting a side table with drawers for additional storage, you can transform your bedside table into a vanity. Makeup, hair brushes, and perfume can all be neatly stored in drawers. Put your jewelry and watches in a box so they’re always within easy reach.

Store Things Beter

Select ornamental trays that not only hold little things like wristwatches, cell phones, AC, and TV remotes but also make a fashion statement. Trays come in a variety of shapes, including round, oval, and square; feel free to mix & match to find the perfect match for your table! Metals provide an industrial vibe, while wood treatments evoke a more rustic one.


A bedside table is a very multipurpose piece of furniture and while it is useful why not make your bedroom interior look beautiful so that you can have a balance of function and aesthetics at the same time? You can use our decor ideas to give your bedside table a much-needed makeover.